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Your Ideal Space Unveiled

Find your ideal medical space with our starter package, featuring two (2) exclusive one-hour consultation sessions led by our very own Founder & CEO, Mitra Silva. This informative meeting serves as your essential guide in the quest for the perfect location. Mitra will personally navigate you through determining the right size and location for your vision. 



02 Art of Lease Negotiation

Learn how to…

✔  Save with smart negotiation

✔  Reduce risks and plan for long term

✔  Optimize TI allowance

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03 Sq. Ft. Evaluation

You will know…

✔  The right sq.ft for your dream practice

✔  How to comfortably accommodate growth


04 Real Estate Feasibility Guide

You will be able to:

✔  Assess the location for marketability

✔  Assess for medical practice feasibility

✔  Assess the location for profitability

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Space Mastery

In the second one hour one-on-one session with Simour Design's Founder & CEO, Mitra Silva, we'll dive into your selected space. Through a Basic Space Plan and Cost Opinion Evaluation, along with a supporting presentation for your lease negotiations, you'll gain valuable insights into how the space aligns with your specific requirements. Mitra ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of how this space will cater to your needs.


06 Basic Space Plan Evaluation

You will Know…

✔  How Efficiently You Can Use The Space

✔  How You Can Fully Accommodate Your Vision


07 Cost Opinion Evaluation 

You will know…

✔  The True Cost To Invest In This Space

✔  How To Maximize This Investment


08 Supporting Presentation

You will have…

✔  A Document To Express Your Investment Vision

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"I had some great tours this morning, and I felt very confident and prepared during them - so thank you!"

- Opening their New MedSpa Practice


Transform Your Dream To Reality.

Avail of the Starter Package at just $3,500.

Experience exclusive insights through two (2) personalized 1-hour consultations with our Founder & CEO, Mitra Silva. Unlock a treasure trove of valuable lease negotiation and real estate feasibility guides. Receive a thorough evaluation of your prospective and ideal space. Elevate your medical practice – Act now, and let's bring your vision to life!